Department of Justice

Cut Travel Costs by Utilizing Web-Based Training Programs

Implement more cost-effective training requirements that are to met by each agency. For example, require agencies to utilize web-based training programs in lieu of in-person training seminars. The costs for in-person training are exponentially larger compared to the costs of conducting trainng over CENTRA or an equivalent, web-based program.


Not only are the costs of travel quite large (to include airfare, hotel, per diem, etc.), but there are usually two "travel days" that are paid official time and could be used for other productive work.


Also, I've noticed that many attending in-person training seminars are constantly on their phones checking e-mails or generally complaining about all the work they have to forego by being in attendance.


The use of web-based programs for training purposes would cut travel costs, cut paper/copying costs (putting together giant binders) as all information is presented virtually allowing the participant to choose which pages to print or save, enhance productivity in the workplace as it would allow those "travel days" to become work days.


Those who argue that in-person training allows for a break from the office are missing the point of training, and should instead use annual leave for a much-needed vacation.


As a result of this program, the funds now being utilized for travel costs could be disseminated to other areas/functions of the agency.



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