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Department of Veterans Affairs

Cutting Medical Costs while saving Americans' lives and showing teh world that the USA no longer discriminates against females

I suggest an overhaul of the VA medical center's mission statement and method of practice to save money and lives. Either treat the whole person, or close down and let socialized medicine take over. Female veterans less than 70% disabled who, for example, have a TIA (transient ischemic attack) while being tested for SC would cheaper for the country and more moral if the doctors examined the female veteran on the spot and moved her immediately for treatment of the TIA. NOT argue over where the female can be examined because other non-SC issues arise and because SHE is a she and not a he. TIA should be the issue, not GENDER. Not even the service connected issue shoudl be a priority--not when a potential life threatening condition arises. Truly put the human first...provide the excellent medical care to all veterans regardless of gender. This would also save on psychiatric therapy costs too....It would give all veterans and citizens a better opinion of the United States government as a whole.



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