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DAWIA and occupational functional training should be greatly accelerated

A common formula of successful organizations includes effective and competent personnel. Currently, our two year DAWIA certification training method allows untrained resources to populate slots within our organizational structure. We should ask ourselves, “Does this add value to the mission?” “Why should new or recently reassigned employees receive full pay grade salaries for two or more years while training?” “Would permanent duty stations greatly benefit when staffing resources have fully completed their DAWIA and occupational functional training before being assigned?” Training should be greatly accelerated to not only focus on building and standardizing the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for our workforce, but to allow trained professionals to evaluate employee performance (for retention purposes). Let us remember, management should always want to add value towards our duty station’s staffing needs. A critical approach in accomplishing this would be to ensure that assigned staffing resources are ready to perform their job functions within the first few months of employment.



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