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Department of Health and Human Services

DHHS/CMS Provider Quality Forums

CMS hosts provider quality forums where provider groups that excel in certain areas (geographical or specialty) and have excellent patient outcomes present best practices at national quality forums. All provider groups are welcome to attend, however, the focus should be on those provider groups who may be struggling in a given area. Ideas for forum subject matter can be submitted by agency employees who see a need for further instruction either by e-scanning or during their normal work activities. This information can be shared across provider groups nationally and internationally.


• Save lives

• Save money-the program could pay for itself by reducing costs of status quo (lower quality) healthcare

• Realize provisions of ARRA, CHIPRA and PPACA

• Improve workload efficacy

• Build better relationships between CMS and provider groups, states, associations, and academic institutions

• Build better public relations for CMS and providers

• Build better agency-employee relations (shows employees their ideas and concerns are valued)

• Build better relationship with US Congress-help facilitate quality initiatives in recent and future legislation

• Bring CMS to a more progressive, innovative state of operations



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