Department of the Interior

Database App for Product Selection Purchasing

We spend months in meetings and via emails, drafting criteria for IT specifications to go in software purchases (could be hardware too). If someone (NIST? or hold a contest and reward the person who wrote the best app) would write a database application, with tables of all the features users needed/wanted, lists of vendors/products with standardized feature syntax, and vendors would verify (a la SCAP) that their products had those features, all ANY government person would have to do, is check off the features they were looking for and have the app return the products with those features. This would:


1 eliminate having to put out RFQs if there was only one product,

2. assure that the lowest price for the same functionality was purchased

3. would tell private vendors what features the public was looking for most (develop better products)

4. Cut down on purchase/award challenges by vendors

5. Cut back on purchasing products with empty promises by vendors

6. Eliminate the months we spend in meetings trying to come up with criteria we need for purchases when we know little about the actual working of the products or "vaporware".



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