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Discontinue FDCC's One-System-Fits-All Requirement

Within the USDA, recommendations of the FDCC seem to be treated as law. The one-size-fits-all approach is a long outdated one, especially when it comes to computing environments. For example, the system needs and demands of a software developer are far different than that of a standard office user. Large sums of money are spent on high-powered systems on which the factory-installed operating system and utility software packages (i.e. system-specific power-management utilities) are replaced with one which has been severely crippled according to FDCC rules. Time wasted on systems performing slowly, and frequent failures caused by crippled operating systems, directly equate to wasted funds. I suggest the discontinuation of FDCC rules being used as requirements and supporting the use of factory-installed and tested software packages over crippled versions in order to promote increased efficiency and productivity.



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