Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Discontinue Veterans Special Treatment when Applying for Positions

Change the hiring system so Veterans do not jump ahead of others applying for a position automatically. This is not Equal Employment Opportunity.


You have individuals that have no educational experience in the field of work related to the position, but due to the fact that they are a Veteran, they get preferential treatment.


An example would be a Marine Biologist position opening up in Panama City, FL, at the US Fish and Wildlife Service Lab. During the open period, you get 5 applications, 3 of which come from individuals with marine biology educational backgrounds and work experience, 1 individual with a Horticulture education background, and 1 with a Geologist background.


Due to the way it is written up in the posting, anyone can apply as long as they have a Biology background, but if you are a Veteran, you automatically get moved to the front.


In the end you would be paying the Veteran more money due to his/her GS pay grade, as well as training to get them up to speed. When you could have said money by hiring someone new to the Federal Government for less money that doesn't need all the training.



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