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Do away with Use It or Lose It Buget Practices!

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Do away with the use it or lose it budget practices. So much waste occurs at every level when groups purchase unecessary equipment & services for fear that if they don't use all their budget this year they won't be able to request the same or more the following years. How about something like a 401K where if the group comes in 5% under their budget for the year they earn a match that gets banked so when the money for purchases is really needed they have the funds rather than encouraging rampant spending to pad the budgets just in case more money is needed.


Managers and Admin's in the private sector are rewarded for doing more with less. In the government you are rewarded with more for spending more.


It is like trying to teach your kids fiscal responsibility with their allowance by saying the more of your allowance you spend the more I will give you.


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