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DoD Home User PC's Minimum Security Criteria

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My idea is to provide better security from the home user perspective to avoid "over the shoulder" surfing with our DoD sailors, soldiers, Marines, etc.

I work at a University back home in Dubuque, IA and we require our students to register their PC's by running it through a minimum security software levels before allowing their PC's to be able to connect to the University's network resources by use of vLAN's.

When they first connect to the "dorm side" of the network, they can only go to Symantec, McAfee, Microsoft, and MalwareBytes to install their software patches and software along with virus definition updates. Once the computer is connected, it prompts them to login as their student account, an executable is then downloaded and run which will inspect the computer to see that those requirements are installed. If they are not, it will open a page with links to allow the student to download those items, once they are done, they run the executable again until they have met the minimum of MS updates, virus software and definitions, and malware with it's definitions. The computer is then allowed to be registered and thus access university resources as well as being switched to a vLAN with other students.

My suggestion is to implement something similiar to help secure our troops' home PC's to provide better integrity. If links like this were provided on all our major sites and a CAC is required to help the home surfer better secure their home PC's it would be a step in a direction that would have profound effects and to help the PC illiterate troops.


I'm not sure but if this is the correct site to submit this, but please forward to the correct department.


IT2 Gerard Hefel USNR

Dubuque, Iowa


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