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DoD travel - Empowering the member

Innovation: The DoD needs to stop relying on its contracted travel agencies to book TDY travel. These agencies served a purpose when members did not have access to the web in planning their TDYs. Today, members can search for fares on any number of web-based travel planning sites (i.e. Orbitz, or through airline websites). Currently, DoD contracted travel agencies provide services for DoD employees to have priority on seats, or with flexibility in changing their itineraries. However, the downside is that these services are at an exorbitant price. For example, in planning a recent TDY, I was quoted the government airfare rate of $1048, when searching for identical parameters on Orbitz, I found a fare for $630 with taxes and fees. This is a savings to the DoD of over $400 on a single TDY. Now, if the entire DoD would stop using these contracted services, the U.S. Gov could save millions on countless daily TDYs. It makes sense to empower the member and save the government money in doing so.



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