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Downsize the FAA Operations

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In fiscal 2011, the FAA budget will be about $16.4 billion.1 Of the total, $9.7 billion will go toward "operations," which includes $7.6 billion for air traffic control operations, $1.3 billion for safety regulation and certification, and $0.8 billion for other functions. In addition, the FAA will spend $3.3 billion in 2011 on capital investments in ATC facilities, equipment, and research. Most of the rest of FAA's budget, about $3.4 billion, will go toward grants to state and local governments for airport investments.


No Brainer- reduce operations. Hold people accountable. Get a full productive 8 hours of work out of the employees. Only hire people who can multi-task. Cut out so many management positions and keep management that will manage. The tech center for example is a country club/retirement home, major waste of tax dollars. Time to spring clean!!


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