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Efficiency in Acquisitions - Contracting

Over the past several years, the Department of Defense in particular has outsourced a great deal of their work-force/life support, etc. to contractors. As such, the demand for Government Contracting Officers is very high. One of the primary contract writing systems utilized by contracting officers is PD2, a software package created and updated by CACI. Government Contracting Officers use this software to write solicitations & contracts, thus purchasing commodities, services, and construction for the federal government. The process to create a standard solicitation for constrution contracting takes on average 2-3 hours to build in the software program. Each solicitation for each requirement must be created from scratch, each time. The federal employees that act as contract specialists building these solicitaitons range from GS 9 to GS 13, as well as active duty from pay grade E2 - 03. The time it takes to create each of these solicitations is substantial, but unnecessary. As most solicitations are very similiar - a simple fix would be to allow the user of the PD2 software to copy solicitations. Thus, a contract specialist (1102 career field) would create 1-3 boilerplate solicitations in the PD2 software. Then, for each new requirement needing a solicitation, they could copy the boilerplate in PD2 that is closest to their requirement, and make the necessary changes, tailoring it to their needs. (each copied solicitation would have to be re-numbered in the software) This would cut down labor hours from 2-3 hours per solicitation to 20 minutes max. As there are hundreds, if not thousands of contracting offices in the federal government world-wide, and thousands of contracting specialists in the 1102 career field, this is a substantial savings. As a Captain, I make $6100/month. Assuming a 4 work week month of 160 hours, I make $38/hour. Saving me 2 hours in creating a solicitation, saves the Government $76 per solicitation - times 5 solicitations per month = $380, times 12 months/year = $4,560 savings per year. Take this number and multiply by a conservative guess of 5,000 Contract Specialist 1102s, = $22,800,000 savings per year. This fix will be relatively very inexpensive, as it entails no changes in operating procedures, just a software-upgrade. It will save the US Federal Gov over $22M per year, improve employee efficiency, improve customer service, and expedite the awarding of contracts to stiumulate the private sector - thus providing more jobs for the American public.



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