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Electronic Time and Travel

As a Department of the Army Intern, I have submitted all of my travel orders and vouchers electronically through the Defense Travel System. Previous to my work for the Federal Government when I worked in the private sector, I have always submitted my timesheets electronically. Now that I am going to be promoted out of the Intern program I will have to start filling out all of my timesheets and travel worksheets with pen and paper and sending them through the chain of administrative staff, supervisors, and approval officers. This is common practice for the hundreds of non-intern employees in my District, and possibly some thousands of employees Agency-wide or Federally-wide.


If the Federal Government expects to be as efficient as the private sector, the use of paper/pen, administrative staff, and projected timesheets will have to be superseded by instant electronic methods.


Electronic timesheets allow the employee to not have to project time and "guess" what they will work for a week or more at a time. They also allow the employee to personally track their time put to each project and their time put to overhead. Electronic timesheets also allow for automatic audits to verify that hours add up.


Electronic travel orders/vouchers ensure that projected expenses are automatically audited and that vouchers are paid in a timely matter. They are extremely easy to use and require less time than submitting through administrative staff.


Again, this is one area where the Federal Government (at least in my Agency) is lagging behind in and simple advances in technology desparately need to be utilized.



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