Department of Homeland Security

Emphasize distance-learning to reduce travel costs and lost working hours

I suggest the U.S. Coast Guard revise training curriculum and facilitation to increase efficiency in travel expenses. In the case of the Coast Guard's "C" Schools, hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars a year are spent in each of the Coast Guard's "C" Schools, sending students to receive training at a physical location. However, there are adjustments that can be made to reduce not only the amount of monetary waste, but also to lost work hours from a person being absent from their normal duty station. I suggest a higher emphasis be placed on forms of distance learning to eliminate these costs. While it would be a high initial cost to develop and implement the program, there are already existing examples and infrastructure in place to increase the rate of development and reduce the cost of the project's life cycle. Many colleges and universities, as well as many businesses and other government organizations, have already proven that distance learning is a viable and effective method of instructional delivery. The only exception to distance-learning programs should be in cases where physical presence is absolutely essential, judged by whatever appropriate criteria.



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