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Employee Health Insurance Premiums (should there be special groups of federal employees?)

Make all federal employees equal! Does it frustrate you each year during the health plan open season, when you see that postal employees pay MUCH less health insurance premiums than the rest of us(obviously no, if you are a USPS employee)? Postal workers (and any other special groups?) should pay what the rest of us schmucks pay. Or else give us the same rate...but that is not saving the government money. The USPS employees pay less because Uncle Sam is paying a larger portion of their premiums than he does for us non-USPS employees. What's with that? What makes certain federal employees more special than others? Perhaps one employee union should represent all federal employees?


Please leave a comment if you vote against this, as to why Uncle Sam should pay more employee benefit costs (and my tax dollars) for some and not others?



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