Department of Homeland Security

Encourage agencies to share database technologies.

Stop paying for the creation and duplication of databases/automated systems from agency to agency that do the EXACT same thing. Why can't we share technology instead of constantly reinventing the wheel? There should be a centralized government-wide system that keeps inventory of all the databases we have and their functions. This way if another agency needs something similar, they can potentially utilize the same software instead of spending millions of dollars to design and build something completely new. I'm sure there would be some small costs involved, as these systems would not be free to share, but it wouldn't cost nearly as much as paying a contractor millions to start from scratch. For example, the NRC has a database called ADAMS that stores all of their official agency records electronically, for access by all employees. This is a system that EVERY agency could utilize to increase efficiency but there's no reason we each need to go out and spend millions to have a contractor design a system like this for us when we could all just use the same ADAMS software that already exists.



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