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End Royality Status for Agency Directors

Oh here's an idea just waiting for Executive approval. End the Royality status for Agency Directors. Perhaps smaller Limousines, less personal chefs, and oh let's not forget the remodeling of personal property of the Director's homes who ofcourse have to have all manner of electronic gizmo's installed upon taking the job, only to have them removed when the heyday is over and their house gets a total remodeling at Tax Payers expense.


And do we really need a cavalcade of two ton security SUV's to protect the Director of the Bureau of Land Management, or the Mineral Mining Service, or the National Art Gallery?


Ofcourse there are security needs for legitiment officials, and therein lies the rub. The above mentioned Executives I'm sure would all agree that they too are important. But realistically speaking, when was the last time an actual security threat of a sufficient magnitude was made against lets say the Director of ah, HUD, that required a caravan of security vehicles that could protect any convoy in Iraq, and a limousine to boot!


It's the "I want one too" syndrome, and someone needs to inject some common sense into the practice.


No individual agency or director was intended to be slighted, quite the contrary the entire cadre was intended to reflect upon the idea and do some soul searching.



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