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End-to-End Acquisition Process Improvement

No one "owns" the acquisition process from end-to-end, which allows inefficiencies to proliferate over time. A process design team, supported by acquisition personnel who understand (1) FAR requirements, (2) DOLAR requirements, and (3) OPS Bulletin requirements, should tackle this issue. Such a team could conduct a complete end-to-end evaluation of the current state, do a gap analysis to identify any missing requirements (and determine if there is redundant work being performed), and then develop a future state process designed so that the right work is being done by the right people at the right step of the process. Once this new process is approved by all stakeholders, a change management plan should be developed to ensure a proper roll-out.


As an example, there are over 30 data points that are required by OPS in order for them to process a procurement request, and the majority of those data points are captured in multiple forms and templates. Some of the data points are captured in 5 or more places! This redundant work is all WASTE. An efficient process would get the right data from people who own it, at the most appropriate step of the process, and each data point would only be captured once.


After working on the acquisition processes, the process design team could work with subject matter experts from other functional groups to do the same thing with their processes.



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