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Endorsing fitness facilities in the work place

I suggest you...Duplicate our office's endorsement of supporting physical fitness during work hours. Expand on the WellFed program to include building and promoting work out facilities in offices. We all know that physical exercise is important to keep our bodies and hearts in good condition. But it also helps you sleep better and work better.Research has shown that exercise during the work day improves work performance. One study at Bristol University showed that when, participants returned to work after exercise, they were more tolerant of themselves and their colleagues. Meanwhile their work performance was consistently higher. Efficient work performance will save everyone money.

The health and well-being of the entire Homeland Security workforce is critically important to effectively carry out our mission. Helping to build and maintain a strong and resilient workforce is a process that will involve each of our employees here at FEMA and within all of the DHS component agencies.



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