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Energy Independent National Parks

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The goal is to relieve the NPS of reliance on Utility and Fuel expenses through a variety of Clean Energy production projects within the Parks (Solar, Wind, Hydroelectric, Geothermal, Thermal-Solar) and a series of cooperative agreements with Universities that are breaking new ground in alternative fuel options (Ex: Bio-Diesel/MS State U). Clean energy projects within the Parks will be designed not to infringe upon the natural, ecological, or historical park elements. Eliminating these Fixed Overhead Costs is both economically conservative & environmentally progressive. Utility providers can eliminate the need for costly storage of overages by accepting the excess wattage returned to the grid, involving our local communities and private companies in this positive effort. The elimination of dependence on non-clean energy sources also strikes at the heart of the NPS Mission, to preserve our Nation's greatest treasures for future generations. Small scale projects in this effort will already be completed under the ARRA appropriated funding, which will serve as the testing ground for which to build on this process.


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