Department of the Interior

Enforce fair hiring practices for internally government employees

Enforce Fair and Better hiring practices for upper level positions within DOI:

Many 15+ year DOI employees never get promoted when promotions finally do come around. In the past 3 years there have been many upper level promotion opportunities in my department, they all went to outside people who have no idea how government works, and only have limited skills in one area. Definitely lowers moral and employee loyalty among the agency veterans many of whom are not eligible for retirement yet. Enforce a more fair hiring practice within DOI. Upper Level positions such as GS, 13 -15 jobs should be available only to internally government employees who posess 10 years or more of experience within the agency. Because they are more likely to have experience and expertise in many different departments and areas during their career, and would be a better selectee for higher level positions that involve performance improvement and program decision making.



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