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Establish a Cost Cutting "Savings" Czar

To effectively reduce costs across government, why not create one special Cost Cutting Officer (Presidential Appointment) to oversee each agency (Legislative, Executive, and Judicial). This individual could be located within the White House or OMB, or GAO and be specifically tasked to spending oversight and compliance. The current set-up has the foxes guarding the chicken coop, so many employee suggestions continue to go unaccepted. This Czar of Cost Cutting could also have the responsibility of running the SAVE Program and overseeing the adoption of numerouse suggestions for the benefit of all, and directly give credit where due.


The Cost Control Officer (CCO) would be paid as an off-set to the savings h/s generated, so their salary in theory should not cost the federal government additional monies. Additionally, term appointments might also be considered (5-to 10 years) in order for them to have the necessary time with which to reduce the budget.



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