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Evaluate/Consolidate SmartPhone Use

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Many offices, agencies, and departments issue required smart phones for official use. While there is little doubt this improves communications and work processes by getting responses faster, there is an obvious downside. Primarily, there is an "always on" mentality when carrying a mobile workstation. If left unchecked, this can disturb an already strained work-life balance as well as become a substitute for human interaction. Many employees with mobile devices also have personal phones and have to carry two devices. This requires two contracts, two bills, and two charging units (often dissimilar), First, the agency needs to evaluate whether or not the incumbent has a true need for mobile connectivity. Consideration should be given to the possibility of using temporary devices that can be issued on an as needed basis. Finally, the agency/department should consider the possibility of using the personal device to conduct business. Provided the content is UNCLAS, there should be no reason to not mix the two devices. This would save the government $30 to $60 dollars per month, per person.


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