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Evaluation of Government Expenditures

I suggest the government take a new approach to their spending. In fact, this is the same approach that many Americans have resorted to in the wake of a declining economy; living within our means. The need to evaluate spending of existing and future programs is paramount in understanding what is necessary to the survival of the United States and what is over and above necessity. Every year billions of dollars are spent on unnecessary programs as well as added benefits for organizations outside of the government. An evaluative approach would be necessary for all facets of government spending. It is time for the government to gain an understanding of what we need not what we want and furthermore, how we spend our money.

Our president constantly discusses a need for a more transparent government. This transparency is most important for government spending. Approvals exist at some level for all expenditures. Again, spending what is necessary for survival and not overspending is the key to re-establishing our fiscal dominance.

If we continue to spend large amounts of money to save in the future, it will still place our nation at a temporary disadvantage. I am in favor of change at some level but there needs to be a phased approach rather than a sweeping expenditure approach to exact a nationwide change in order to gain an understanding of what is feasible and necessary and what is not. If Americans spent like the government does (beyond our means), we would all be in dire straits. Let’s change the way we allocate resources and the approval process for government spending.

If we get back to the fundamentals of survival and eliminate the ideology of excess we can SAVE the future of our nation.



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