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Excess Surplus Seek, Find, Save

Instead of property going straight to Excess why not first make a list available to all property delegates within my area. For example: If I needed an extra computer for the sole purpose of allowing people to enter data it would make more cost saving sense to obtain these from another office that does not need it than it would be to spend more money buying a new one. This would also reduce the number of people and resources it takes to Excess one item. It would reduce labor hours, cost, and paper that are all involved in the Excess process.


Let me explain: To excess one item it starts with the property delegate initiating the Excess document in the AITS data base. The delegate prints the report, makes a copy and then sends a copy to AMQ Property Management. They do their processing of the document which probably includes making at least one copy. Then as I understand it then goes to the Manager of Moving services AMP-400 for their processing, which again I assume is another copy. The delegate then gets a call from the Moving Services to schedule a pick up of the one item. When the Movers (sometimes 2 to 5 men) arrive they have a copy of the excess report with a trail of numbers and signatures from various offices written on it. Then after they confirm serial numbers and barcodes and write on the report that they are removing the item they ask to make copies again and leave the report with signature for the originating property Delegate. Then with in a week or two the same report shows up again with yet another set of numbers and signatures from USD. This process can take several months to complete.


All that to say this: That one item could have been used by another office down the hall thus involving only two people and one AITS Property Transfer.



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