Office of Government Ethics

Executive Branch electronically filing SF 278s; OGE 450s

I suggest the Executive Branch electronically file SF 278, Public Financial Disclosure Report, and the OGE 450, Confidential Financial Disclosure Report. The Army operates FDM,, for electronic filing, reviewing, and processing already. It is being expanded to Department of Defense use. The Office of Government Ethics already uses it. The Department of Homeland Security has signed on to use it. Other Executive Branch agencies could use it as reimbursable services under the Economy Act without building their own online filing systems if there is an Executive Branch-wide eFiling system. Such a system would support Transparancy if it included web publication of the SF 278s (similar to what the White House is already doing for Cabinet Member SF 278s). The Army has saved several million dollars over the last 3 years by reducing report preparation and review time as well as eliminated the need to express mail paper reports to other locations.



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