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Expedite Contract definitizations - control government spending – save billions of dollars!!!

Expedite Contract definitizations - control government costs – save billions of dollars!

According to the GAO 2005 report approx. $7billion of defense spending a year is being executed under Undefinitized Contract Actions (UCAs). Due to the lack of cost control under UCAs, the government is exposed to billions of dollars of wasted/uncontrolled spending with little to no accountability. I propose the government implementing standardized contract deliveries (i.e. electronic NTEs, proposals,etc.) that will decrease wasted admin. tasks and will expedite the contract technical evaluation process. All major defense contractors use pricing software that auto-generates proposal documentation base on technical inputs. It would be relatively easy to work with the pricing software tool vendors to include a standardize government response format. This would feed directly into the government's acquisition databases; thereby eliminating needless reformatting and routing (as significant savings). In addition, better tracking of contract definitization using an integrated software tool will increase visibility, provide visual work assessments, and significantly reduce wasted time and money. Contracting officers could receive real-time task tracking and be able to apply resource appropriately given the a need date. This model the industries "pull" system of task management. Finally, the government should implement incentives and policies that encourage government and contractor managers to definitize contracts in an efficient manner.



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