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FUND WATERSENSE! You know the VALUE OF CLEAN WATER, but do you really know its TRUE COST?

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Similar to Energy Star, WaterSense is a voluntary partnership program developed by EPA that seeks to promote water efficiency and conservation through increasing the market for water-efficient products with demonstrated exceptional performance, while also encouraging innovative marketing low water-use practices. Also like Energy Star, WaterSense allows products that are tested and proven to meet EPA specifications to carry the WaterSense label/logo. But what is lacking in WaterSense that could perhaps be the greatest key to its success? Federal funding.

As many of our communities continue to outgrow our limited water supplies, the costs to the consumer for maintenance, treatment, and reliable service continue to rise. There already exists a tremendous multi-billion dollar gap between the funds needed to successfully upgrade, expand, and maintain our nations’ water and wastewater infrastructure, and the funds available to communities to manage these needs. We have seen the environmental and fiscal benefits reaped by the success of reducing energy consumption through Energy Star. Please join the fight to extend this invitation to our most valuable resource- WATER. We have the tools we need to protect our nations’ water with WaterSense- so please help us to use them!


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