Export-Import Bank of the United States

Facilitate import export with international countries

I advise that you facilitate import export with/betweem international countries such as North Africa etc... - they have excellent cheap products that are almost impossible to import in the states. This would cut spending if customs and USDA etc would be controlled but less expensive. We would get more exotic, tasteful and cheap products in the states. Please would not have to go obese with junk food but would have more cheaper choice with good and healthy food. I advise this for other commercial products. Of course this needs to be controlled and customs need to be efficient but cheaper and quicker. Keep encouraging buying American but have the choice - that's what America is about - having the choice and democracy. Let's start beeing democratic with commerce, exchange and import export products. It will encourage exchanges and develop curiosity and knowledge on other cultures and give the opportunity to Africa or North Africa or Middle East or South America etc... to exchange and participate in their development, our American development and become better allies and save money. Also impose to be green and healthy with our peers.



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