Department of Justice

Federal Enforcement Agency

What: Create an enforcement department that is able to alleviate burdens of other departments from individuals who do not abide by the laws of federally funded departments. This enforcement will deal with “soft” crimes. “Hard” crimes will be assigned to designated agencies.


Why: Millions of dollars and an abundant amount of time are being wasted. Departments are focuses good portions of their time dealing with customers who are not in compliant with their policies. Most federally funded departments (aside from a few designated enforcement departments) are established to provide a “service.” They are not there for enforcement purposes. A department is needed outside of the general law enforcement department, who can take on noncompliance individuals, who are not committing “hard” crimes.


How: Take out 4-5% of every department's budget and use it to form a new enforcement department that is able to represent all federal department and/or all federally funded departments. This department will be able to enforce the law on behave of taxpaying citizen. The department will have the complete power and the budget to enforce the law to its fullest.


Where: 1 federal department, 50 state-departments, and city departments (headquarters in most major cities).



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