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Federal Government Information Technology Best Practices Website

I have observed a need for a single, federal government best practices website for federal Information Techonology (IT) projects. The IT best practices website would include best practices related to IT related project management, requirements gathering, risks assessment, IT reference materials, systems testing information, systems training, systems security, and other established IT related best practices. By having a common federal government website, all government agencies would have access to the same information with the same federal expectations and standards.


Currently, such a sight does not exist. By creating an IT best practices website, federal government agencies will prevent duplicated efforts and save time, resources, and money while assuring the optimum project success and best possible service to the American public.


The best practices website may also reference other topics in addition to IT, such as policy, operations, business practices, 508 compliance, training, and the most current research on improving government services.


Consideration should also be given to establish a formal recognition process for parenting agencies who share best practices.


Thank you in advance for your consideration of my idea.



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