Judicial Branch

Finacial Manager

Allow government employees to act as their own travel agents and allow them to book, and pay for services, like any other individual seeking services off of discounted websites or other commonly utilized travel websites without contracts, or rates, but rather paying fair market value for services, including applicable state and local taxes, but waving restrictions on places to stay and on onerous GSA rules on maximum lodging that often don't make sense and drive out competition and drive up the overall price. Make the government traveler responsible to get the best fair deal with simple directions. Travel for the Goverment typically costs more because of the high airfaire we are forced to buy because we are forced to use contracted carriers that can charge us more because of a contract vs spot. Hotels are limited because of GSA rules that limit the places we should stay. The restrictions on collection of taxes does not adequately reward local jurisdictions with incestives to have government employees travel to those jurisdictions.



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