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Fix the schools problem...don't just buy them new buildings and gadgets.

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Stop blind education spending. I volunteer at several schools in several different cities...I will tell you that some of the nicest, newest buildings with all the fancy gizmo's are the worst schools and some of the old run down 1940's brick school houses with no-frills can be some of the best. It's the employees that make the school a success not the fancy building and technology. put the money into salaries and upper level oversight instead. I've been in schools where you hear teachers belittling and yelling at students from way down the halls...and schools that feel like the kids are prison inmates...identify what it takes to fix that (higher paid superintendents maybe so schools can headhunt? higher teacher salaries? increased teacher incentives? increased teacher education in relation to instruction and behavioral science?...figure this out and you'll fix the school...more gadgets isn't the answer.



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