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Flexiplace on Days you have Doctor's Appointment

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On days people have doctor's appointments have a standard policy they can work from home the rest of the day. Typically you may have to use 4 hours of sick time for a doctor appointment. This is because you may have a 9 am appointment but you typically start work at 7:30 am so you lose 11/2 hours in the front and then you use another 11/2 hours for the actual doctor’s appointment followed by 1 hour commute to work (if you are in DC metro area). You may have to drive in as well if the bus doesn’t run into DC after certain hours so you are now contributing to green house gases and paying for parking. If you work from home on days you have a doctor’s appointment you will most likely only need to use 2 hours of sick leave 30 minutes for the commute time to and from your doctor to your house and 11/2 hours for the actual doctor’s appointment.


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