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Four day work week saves

Save commuting by reducing the numbers of work days per week. Whenever possible permit government offices to organize employees into 4 day work weeks (10 hours a day). Half the organization would begin their work week on Monday ending Thursday evening. The other half would begin their work week on Tuesday, ending Friday. This would reduce fuel consumption by 20% per commuter. This would save every commuter 20% in fuel cost and vehicle depreciation. Obviously, this would benefit the entire country by reducing our dependence on foriegn oil. It also would mean 20% less hydrocarbons from car exhaust into the environment. Another benefit to this concept is now employees will have a business day every week to conduct personal business like dental and medical appointments. This would mean less need for time off during the work week improving planning and team integrity. The government would benefit because there would be less stress financially and mentally on employees, fewer accidents from less commuting, less need for personal time off, less energy cost (although not significant because buildings would still be open 5 days a week). I think most employees would prefer this option and would make for more satisfied and happy employees.



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