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Get Rid of Skill Codes - they are obsolete

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Skill codes placed against core documents/job descriptions are obsolete. Many of us have jobs that require many other skills that are not reflected on the core document against our position. I am a safety professional and the core document we work under only has a safety "sft" skill code associated with it but we have many areas of responsibility that are not accurately reflected against our job description/core doc. We manage major and important programs on the Depot, yet program manager skill codes are not indicated on our core doc, we also have developed, written and provided many training courses on this Depot, yet no training skill codes are identified against our core docs, we accomplish trend analysis and yet here again no analyst codes are tied to our core docs, etc. We are not qualified to move either laterally or vertically in any other series except "safety" it's a stove pipe. Many years ago, the core docs and job descriptions were originally designed to prevent personnel from easily getting into the field without experience and now the skill codes are the very thing that prevent us from qualifying and getting out to safey and into other opportunities. The core document we must work under for safety does not even begin to reflect the level of responsibilities we have or the various skill sets we must possess to do our jobs day to day. Remove these skill codes or ensure the core docs accurately reflect the jobs we must do every day.


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