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Goverment Agencies--too many departments--layering

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Reduce departmentalization. This isn't the 1800's when it took 2 weeks to get from east to west coasts. Antiquated layering of bureacracy wastes taxes. The people want a military, give them one military not four. The people need overseas interstes tended give them the CIA, they need stateside interests give them the FBI...period. Mission Creep has hit every single agency. We have DEA doing CIA stuff, Homeland Security doing FBI's job, ATF doing FBI's job...etc, etc, etc. restructure. If you need Drug enforcement overseas it's the CIA's Drug enforcement division, stateside it's the FBI's Drug enforcement division...or FBI's counter-terrorism division or ATF division. We need to stop paying CEO salaries and staffing entire departments to do what we already told someone else to do. If you have to explain the fine detailed differences between agencies...they shouldn't be seperate and mooching seperate budgets. Why are there FBI, Federal Marshals, State Troopers, County Sheriffs, and city police? That's 5 people the taxpayer employs to do the same basic function.


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