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Government employee phone number for life

Phone number for life. Like our Army Knowledge Online email addresses, this phone number can be pointed to wherever the employee works throughout his or her carreer. Like the SSN, it can be used to uniquely identify the individual as well as ensuring the person can be reached by phone.


Savings include costs associated with identity theft of Social Security Numbers (used for identification in the world of finance), less look-up time for government workers to include contract employees with one directory serving all, and costs associated with new phone number for each location eliminated.


This is an alternative ID from your SSN which you can dial up and reach the party through a nearest phone exchange system (akin to Skype). Lost time is vastly reduced.


1,000,000 government employees looking up the number of a government worker outside their region (and familiar phone book) once per week, taking 5 extra minutes (Internet/paper phone book/email contacts/rolodex search compared with the proposed global directory) makes 1,000,000 * 5 min * 52 (weeks/year) * $50.00/hour * hour/60min = $216,666,666.7/year time waste avoidance.



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