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Government-wide Early Out Retirement for Employees Under CSRS

The Office of Personnel Management should direct all federal departments and agencies to offer early out retirements to employees under the older CSRS system. This will accomplish three things and effectively "kill three birds with one stone." One, it will take some of the most highly paid GS grade and step employees off of department/agency payrolls at considerable savings. Two, the cost to taxpayers for retired employees will be significantly less than for current employees. Three, it will free up positions for young people entering the work force, and eventually nationwide maybe have an impact on the national unemployment rate.


ADDENDUM: Based on a comment I received, I also believe this should include a buy-out provision for federal employees who already qualify for retirement. This will create an incentive to retire for those who may want to wait to retire hoping for a better offer from the government or thinking that with time their pension will increase proportionally. I do not believe retirement should be obigatory.



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