Executive Office of the President

Government-wide Wiki for Interagency Info Sharing & Idea Exchange

A fully indexed and searchable wiki (or document management system) that would allow designated personnel within each agency/component/office to share (and update) information and ideas.


Range of uses may depend on each participant's function, but the wiki format is flexible enough to accommodate descriptions of available services, processes and procedures, FAQ, current project descriptions, best practices, potential interagency projects, etc.


Savings will result from: (1) less time spent by all government employees on simple interoffice/interagency inquiries; (2) identification of redundant functions; (3) potentially not having to "reinvent the wheel" when starting new projects (someone may have done something similar elsewhere and may have advice); (4) government-wide dissemination of best practices and good ideas, (5) lower barriers for interagency collaboration; (6) preservation of institutional knowledge.



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