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Green Contruction technologies Insertion review process for all government new and retrofit construction.

Green Construction Review Proecess evaluation WITHIN Government: All government agencies undergoing construction or modifications of buildings NEED to have a process where they are forced to consider and properly assess the lifecycle cost and savings of implementing the incorporation or retrofit of energy saving technologies. For example: There are many BRAC efforts underway in the country; however it appears that few have incorporated using geothermal heating and cooling technologies. In temperate areas this is dumb! Incorporating geothermal in new contruction will save potentially 80% of heating and cooling costs over the lifetime of a building. Investing on these types of projects generate a permanent saving to the government and help stimulate green building companies and infrastructure which will genernate more higher paying jobs..that cannot be outsourced!


In the case of geothermal, the ground is drilled either vertically or horizontally below the frost lines, "heat" exchange pipes are place within them and then pipes are place in them... These are now you energy exchange sytem (colling in the summer and warming in the winter).. Only enough enrgy is needed to keep the circulation going..


Assistance to municipalites to retrofit schools and otehr municpalites will also reuslt in potential property tax reductions. This requires interface by multiple governemnt derpatments to make this happen.


This can save LOTS of $$$!!!



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