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Green Day Initiative

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I suggest we have a "Green" day where we turn off any lighting or power sources not needed for the day such as, overhead lighting, unused printers, or anything that absorbs power. We could also do Team "Green" day where we go out and plant a tree, at the local park or location of choice. Additionally we can create information booths for anyone to ask questions about what we do, or how we are working as an agency to conserve energy. This would be a great way to inform the public how we are concerned about the environment we live in. And, to answer any other questions about what it is we do to provide public assistance to the Regions we work in. As an employee of DHS/FEMA I know that we have a great responsibility to the people of the United States and we are more than just a disaster ready agency but a friend to the communities and regions we support. These "Green" days would not only provide team building skills but, also serve as a reminder to us all that we can make a difference in the world we live in.


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