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Green Plugs and OFF on LAN for computers.

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All electronic devices such as desk lamps, microwaves, computers, battery chargers (such as for a cell phone) and video/audio equipment continues to eat energy even when in the off setting. I propose a green plug that would be included along with the normal plugs in government buildings. The green plug would be colored green and would have the ability to be shut off from a centralized location completely cutting off any power these vampire electronics could get at. Only certain devices would be plugged into these green plugs allowing devices that always need to be on to have a separate plug. The power to green plugs would be turned off on weekends, holidays and during a 8 hour period at night. Along with the green plug would be a wake/turn off on LAN initiative that would turn off computers in a safe way. Computers consume a very large amount of energy while in sleep mode. Wake and off on LAN would allow for a central control of the computers within a building and could save work and shut them down. The function would be used on holidays, weekends and perhaps 8 hours a night. This would save millions of dollars in electric bills throughout all government agencies nationaly. Users would still be able to turn on computers manually or cancel shutdown after a off on LAN command has been given. Certain computers/servers that need to stay on can be left off the off on LAN commands.


A source for seeing average energy use of devices


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