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(Ball-shaped Floating Homes)


Think of moves but the living things remain stable. A perfect home for vegetarians & those who can also eat fish as the only type of meat.


The outside of such home will be similar to the soccer ball and serves as not only a protecting fence, but also rotates in the water when in movement. The seams will be made of recycled tire rubber. Such seams will stick out by 2' than the (see from the inside out) tempered glass/plastic windows.


The 2nd inside sphere is the home which does not rotate but will move with the waves just like a ship. The inside structure will be built of recycled items. Furniture will be locked into the floor while tools & items will have magnetic film (at bottom) to remain stable.


Young families of no more than 4 people could live in such homes to start a healthy life not only when it comes to food eating but living.


Why ball-shaped floating homes? Because a rotating ball floats better in the water & can withstand the drastic elements of nature such as strong winds, big waves, earthquakes, etc.


However, such families have to purchase a certain acreage of land in where they can only be used to cultivate their produce & plant required amount of trees.

The idea is to leave land to create vegetation & leave it for the living species that cannot live in the water.



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