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Hand-Carrying Radiographs

I suggest that gov't medical facilities have patients hand-carry their radiographs to the provider. (explanation follows)


“Hand-carrying Radiographs”




Applies to:

All military branches and possibly other agencies.


1) PRESENT METHOD: It is customary practice, upon referral of a patient to a

civilian dental specialist, to authorize payment through Active Duty Dental Program

for radiographs taken at their office.

(2) PROPOSED METHOD: In most cases the same radiograph is on file at the Dental

Treatment Facility (DTF). I propose providing a copy of the radiograph to the

patient who then hand-carries it to the provider.

(3) EXPECTED BENEFITS: This practice will expedite the treatment process, avoid

additional exposure to the patient, and provide substantial monetary savings by not

requiring payment for these services. I estimate a savings of more than $800,000

per year if practiced Air Force-wide.





Actual Radiograph Referrals Authorized by Vandenberg AFB Dental Treatment Facility

From 5 August 2009 through 15 October 2009 (Approx. 50 business days)


PA (first) 40 @ $30 ea.=$1,200 plus PA (additonal) 25 @$24 ea.=$600 plus Panoramic 11 @$102 ea.=$1,122.

Total Cost - $2,922 / 50 days = $58.50 per day.


Multiply 250 business days per year x $58.50 (savings per day) = $14,625 (savings

per year)

There are currently approximately 58 USAF CONUS Dental Treatment Facilities.

$14,625 x 58 CONUS DTF’S =$848,250 annually



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