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Have the ability to see in real time complete financial status of projects

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Managing projects efficiently has been a challenge at NASA White Sands Test Facility, or WSTF because required data was scattered across various databases and often was not current. The problem was solved by interfacing the different databases and consolidating the data in one location, named the Project Lead Task Order Status Report, or PL TOSR. The PL TOSR system generates real-time spending reports and allows project leads to track purchases, service center costs, and hours charged to their task orders.

Jim Edwin worked closely with Larry Starritt to improve the system, and was programmed by Ben Sanders. The PLTOSR has made WSTF the leader in project management. NASA also needed a similar system and liked the PLTOSR program so a shorter version was created specifically for NASA Civil Servants. Since implementing the TOSR systems at NASA White Sands Test Facility not a single Test and Evaluation Contract project has been over budget or behind schedule without someone of decision making authority knowing about the overage. Before this system was put into effect, financial reports were available on a monthly basis 7-10 days after the closing of the accounting period. This system allows the lowest level decision maker to easily explain project variances of their estimate to actual cost expenditures in real time, allowing them to be proactive in their decisions of who, what, how, when, and where money was being spent.


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