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High School students to serve their country after graduation

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What: After high school, graduates should serve their country for two years (AmeriCorps Vista, Army, Navy, etc…) Families will be able to choose the agency). After completion, they would either enter into a higher education institution, go into the workforce, or remain in the program. Majority of teens who enter into higher education after high school are not ready, disciplined and/or focus. The nation is spending billions of dollars in educating future students, and the return on investment is not cost effective.


Benefit: By having high school graduates enter into a 2 year service, we are able to have a generation who are discipline minded, we can cut cost of social services, cut cost of health services, cut cost of law enforcement, etc. In addition, through this 2 year commitment to the nation, we are able to inspire generation who have ownership of their country



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