Department of Health and Human Services

Hire additional OIG investigators to fight fraud

I suggest you add additional employees to Office of the Inspector General to handle fraud cases.


I work at Social Security. We are continually frustrated when we discover obvious cases of fraud such as identity theft or fraudulent use of Social Security beneftis. We refer the cases to the OIG office to investigate and it is returned to us stating OIG will not investigate.


In the past OIG has presented brief workshops on how to notice fraudulent documents or fraudulent situations and how to submit these cases to OIG for investigation. The OIG officers at these workshops always admit they are understaffed and cannot work all cases.


The amount of tax dollars spent to hire more employees to investigate fraud would far outweight the wasted tax dollars used fraudulently. Also, the unemployment rate in the United States is extremely high. Creating more jobs to fight fraud not only helps the economy by creating more jobs but in the end will save millions of tax dollars from fraud.



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