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IRAQ: Create web-based centralization of services in Baghdad

IRAQ: Create an IRAQ-specific web based capability to centralize in BAGHDAD many services required by USG posts in Iraq.


As plans move forward to establish and enhance U.S. civilian and diplomatic presence in Iraq, there are many administrative actions for which the processes have been well developed in Baghdad - that can still be provided from Baghdad.

Creating an IRAQ-Specific web-based site will:

-- allow certain financial, human resource, general services, and perhaps even certain security services to be managed and administered from Baghdad,

--enable monitoring at other sites through a liaison service will allow an element of efficiency,

-- reduce exposure of some persons to certain hazards,

-- ensure transparency between posts in Iraq,

-- improve oversight capabilities,

-- reduce opportunity and likelyhood of fraud or mismanagement,

-- enhance security,

-- improve management efficiency,

-- enable managers to support one another more efficiently by acting for one another when they are on leave due to their shared knowledge base,

-- save the USG money by reducing the human footprint necessary in posts outside Baghdad,

-- reduce cost to the USG by improving administrative effiency

-- reduce risk of exposing certain information in the event of sudden reduction in staff,

-- reduce the risk to employees by reducing the numbers necessary to support and evacuate in emergencies.



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