Department of Housing and Urban Development

Implementation of the Issuance of Section 3 Certification Identification Cards to Qualified Section 3 Residents and Contractors/

I suggest you require recipients of Federal financial assistance take a proactive approach regarding Section 3 of the Housing and Development Act of 1968. The issuance of Section 3 certification identification cards should be implemented and issued to qualified Section 3 residents and contractors/subcontractors. This will allow for better accountability of Section 3 participants. In terms of preferences, the Section 3 certification identification cards can also serve as a streamlined method for identifying residents with preferences and contractors/subcontractors as it relates to employment, training, and contracting opportunities. I am not sure how much money this suggestion would save; however, this suggestion can serve as a tool for ensuring federal funds are fairly and equitably shared with those that are low and very low incomed persons and Section 3 business concerns. I am sure that this suggestion would have a measureable and quantitative impact in terms of self- sufficiency resulting from real jobs with living wages.



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